Yes, suppressors are legal in Missouri.

And in many other states as well...

Missouri Silencer Co. is a dedicated web based silencer dealer in Missouri. We are a part of Gateway Tactical, which is a Type07/Class02 FFL, which means that we are an NFA licensed weapons builder that focuses on Law Enforcement contract fulfillment and custom builds for people who want more than what mass-produced can offer.

Missouri Silencer Co. is the Silencer marketing part of GWT and we are dedicated to helping people better understand the relatively recent changes in state laws that allow private citizens to legally own and operate silencers. We have found that many people still believe that silencers are illegal and we can understand why. There is a lot of out-dated information online, and it can mis-lead people on the current status of NFA ownership. For many years an individual would have to obtain a C&R FFL license to own Silencer. This was a rather intrusive and cumbersome process for the sake of owning an NFA item. Legislation was passed that allowed an individual to own a silencer and neither have to get the FFL license nor have to set up a legal trust to legally own these items.

With that said, suppressors are 100% legal for civilian ownership in Missouri. They currently fall under federal NFA laws and rules of ownership which means that you have a little more paperwork than a standard firearm purchase. There is a wait [approx. 8 months filing as an individual, approx. 90 days when filing as a legal gun trust] for the paperwork to be approved and returned with the NFA tax stamp as proof of transfer and ownership. Suppressors require a $200 tax stamp and it is a one time payment for as long as you own the unit. There are no recurring licensing or fees on suppressor ownership, and when legally owned, suppressors can be used to hunt with in Missouri.

This changed a lot of things. Silencer manufacturers now had a vastly expanded marketplace, which in turn incentivized them to develop new and better designs, offer products made of stronger and lighter materials, and perhaps most importantly, it allowed them to do these things all while keeping the cost of these improved products relatively reasonable. While silencer ownership is not considered a cheap process, it is vastly less expensive than it was when markets were restricted and the products were short production run items.

We carry a wide selection of silencer brands in applications ranging from .22LR to .50cal with prices starting at $199. Take a look around. Educate yourself on silencer ownership and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. That is what we are here for.